How Your Car Insurance Quote Is Calculated

Car Insurance

Every motorist knows that, the type of car you own, its engine size, your age, claims history and driving experience are all considered when a car insurance company gives you a quote.

However, insurance companies look at much more that that when working out how much your car insurance should cost. There is little you can do about most of those things, but it can help you to get a better quote if you are aware of the things companies take into consideration when giving you a quote.

Where you live

Your address has a big affect on how high your car insurance costs are. Insurance companies will charge a lot if you live in an area where car crime is an issue. You can negate this to some extent by taking the trouble to keep your car in the garage. However, be careful to always park it there, so that if it is stolen the insurance company cannot argue that you have broken one of the conditions of the policy.

If you are considering moving house and need a car to get to work, you should check out how much you will need to pay for car insurance. Your car insurance doubling is a significant additional expense, so you need to think about this particularly if you are moving to an inner city area.

The type of vehicle you drive

If money is an issue consider buying a smaller vehicle that is cheaper to insure. To work out if doing so is worth your while use trade magazines, car websites or insurance brokers to find out which cars are the cheapest to insure and how much you can save.

Your claims history and credit rating

Not only is your car insurance claims history important, but so is your credit history. People with a poor credit rating tend to make more insurance claims, so some companies charge that type of person more. It helps if you are prepared to pay for your insurance in advance rather than using monthly payments.

Security features that are fitted to your car

When you ask for a quote tell the insurance company about any additional security features you have had fitted to your car. Some offer a discount to owners with a tracker system fitted or extra alarm systems. If your annual mileage is lower than average check to see if a discount is offered for that too.

How to question a quote

Insurance companies have access to several databases from which they collect information about potential customers before giving a quote. Occasionally some of the data that is held on you can become corrupted or be just plain wrong.
If you suddenly start getting high quotes from insurance firms try to find out why the quote is so high. This will allow you to check the data they are using and get it corrected if necessary.

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