Cheap Car Insurance for Young Drivers

Teenager learning to drive
Teenager learning to drive

If you are a young driver, finding cheap motor insurance can be difficult. It is made especially hard by the fact that many companies do not offer any kind of insurance for young drivers.

Why younger drivers pay more

How much your car insurance premium will be is worked out by calculating how likely you are to have an accident and how large any resulting claim is likely to be. Sadly, young drivers are statistically more likely to have a serious accident than someone over the age of 25 is. Young drivers also pay more for their car insurance because they have not had a chance to build up any no claims bonus.

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It is possible to buy cheap insurance for first time drivers

Key to finding cheap car insurance for young drivers is shopping around and getting as many quotes as possible. Typically, there is a price difference of several hundred pounds between the cheapest and the most expensive car insurance quotes. Fortunately, a growing number of companies have developed special insurance packages for young drivers. These companies are the ones you should contact first when gathering quotes.

Consider buying a small car

Everyone knows that the faster the car is the more it costs to insure. For young or inexperienced drivers this is even more the case. When buying your first car, consider buying a smaller car without modifications to help bring down your insurance premiums.

Take the advance driver test

Passing the Pass Plus, advance-driving test will entitle you to a discount with many insurance companies even if you are a young driver.

Stick to the rules

If you have an accident or get caught speeding, your car insurance premiums will go up automatically. If you do not drive carefully and get say a speeding ticket your insurance premiums for the next year will go up instead of down.

Consider buying third party insurance

Comprehensive car insurance is the most expensive type of cover but covers both your car and other vehicles in the event of an accident. It is definitely the best insurance, but third party policies are a lot cheaper. You just have to bear in mind that if you have an accident that does not involve another vehicle or the driver of the vehicle involved in the accident is not insured you will have to bear the entire cost of getting your car repaired.

Consider pay per mile insurance

Another way to keep the price of a young person’s insurance as low as possible is to take out a restricted hours or pay per mile policy. These policies restrict how many miles you can cover and may require you not to drive during certain hours or in certain places. The majority of accidents young people have happen at night, so firms charge less if new drivers agree not to drive at night.

Never drive without insurance

Do not be tempted to drive without insurance, as a young driver you will lose your licence and be very heavily fined. You are also more likely to be stopped by the police because young driver’s lack of experience means that they drive more erratically than other drivers do.

Does Your Car Insurance Cover you for Pothole Damage?

SUV vehicle sinks into the road after heavy rain A black SUV sinks into the road after heavy rain in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China on Tuesday June 19, 2012. The SUV owner wasn't hurt in the accident, but it was reported that his insurance company refused to pay out.
SUV vehicle sinks into the road after heavy rain
A black SUV sinks into the road after heavy rain in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China on Tuesday June 19, 2012. The SUV owner wasn’t hurt in the accident, but it was reported that his insurance company refused to pay out.

Most people believe that if they damage their car by hitting a pothole they can get the cost of the repair covered by someone else.

Sadly, often this is simply not the case. The vast majority of people learn the hard way that their insurance does not cover them for pothole damage.

  • Third party insurance does not cover pothole damage


If you have third party insurance you definitely are not covered if you hit a pothole. This is because your policy is designed to be used to pay for damage you inflict on a third party’s property i.e. someone else’s property. It does not cover you at all. When you have hit a pothole, you have effectively had an accident that does not involve anyone else, so there is no one with insurance to make a claim from.

The best you can do is to try to claim compensation from the person or organisation that is responsible for maintaining the road. That is not easy to do. It is time consuming and many people fail to secure the compensation they need to repair their vehicle.

Comprehensive cover does not always include coverage for pot hole damage
A good comprehensive car insurance policy should cover the cost of getting damage caused by hitting a pothole repaired. It should, but in reality, it often does not. If you are buying comprehensive car insurance, it always makes sense to specifically ask about coverage in this situation.

  • Just how costly is pothole damage?

Now you may be wondering why we are even bothering to cover the subject. After all, how much damage can hitting what is basically a small hole in the road do?

  • Shock absorber damage

Driving over potholes is not a good idea because it wears down your shocks. Shock absorbers are an integral part of your car’s suspension. Those little springs help minimise the friction between the road and your car so that you can enjoy a comfortable ride. They also protect the other components of the car from damage from the impact of day to day driving.

  • Tyre damage

If you are not careful, you can puncture or blow out your tires, or cause damage to your steering system. Often, tire rims take the brunt of a large pothole so examine them thoroughly if you hit a large dint in the road.

  • Damage to the underneath of your car

A deep pothole can cause a very high level of damage to the underneath of your car, including your exhaust. If you hear strange noises emanating from your exhaust system get it checked over.

Also, look out for fluids leaking out of your car after hitting a deep pothole. It is even possible to rupture a brake line in which case the fluids that are leaking could be brake fluid.

  • Avoid potholes when you can

So the moral of the story is to avoid potholes and where feasible drive over them so they are between your wheels. Of course you might swerve and that’s up to you though we know it’s just because it makes you feel like you’re in a 70s car chase.

The Best Way to Find Car Insurance for Elderly Drivers

Older Drivers

Most people realise that the cost of auto insurance for somebody aged under 25 is seriously expensive, but many do not realise that the same can be true for car drivers over the age of 70 or 8-. Drivers aged 50+ have the best insurance premiums because they are 31% less likely to have a car accident, but from the age of 70 they are 13% more likely to be involved in a crash which is why their insurance premiums rocket after that point.

Shop around for the best deal

The right way to keep your insurance premiums in check once you reach 70 is of course to compare different products and compare costs. If you get a good offer from one insurance company or broker, ask a few others to match or beat that quote. The majority of the time somebody will take the bait and give you a better quote.

Consider using a specialist provider

Happily, many insurance companies or brokers have started to put together special packages for drivers who are aged over 70. These specialist packages tend to offer better value for money than those that provide a one size fit all policy.
When you hit 70, get quotes from these firms before you go to other companies. Often the price is cheaper and the policy is sufficiently flexible to take care of senior drivers. For example, some make provision for your going somewhere deciding that you are too tired to drive and letting another driver take over.

Got out any elements you will not use

To get the price lower try to make sure that you are not paying for things that you no longer need, for example European breakdown cover. Many older people no longer bother to drive whilst abroad, so do not need European breakdown cover. Removing it from your policy can really help to get the price of your car insurance policy down.

Consider buying a smaller car

If the quotes you are getting for your car insurance once you are over 70 are too high for you to be able to afford do not give up driving all together instead think about downsizing the automobile that you drive. In general the littler and cheaper the car is the less you will have to pay for insurance. There is the added benefit that smaller cars are easier to handle and park and often they are far more economical to run.

Continue to protect your no claims bonus

If you have no claims bonus, it is very important that you protect it as you age. One little accident could lead to you having to pay 20% more for your insurance, so it is sometimes worth paying £30 or so more to get that no claims bonus protected. You may be quite a good driver, but statistically the older you are the more likely you are to have an accident.

Take the advanced driving test


Taking the advanced driving test at any age is a good way to demonstrate that you are a good driver. Insurance firms like clients who have this additional qualification and offer generous deals to those who do. It is also a great way to polish up your driving skills

How to keep your Car Insurance Costs Down


There are several ways for you to keep the cost of your car or truck insurance down. You just need to be prepared to do your research and shop around. Here are a few simple ways you can get the cost of your insurance as low as possible.

Get a quote from a specialist insurance firm

Which firm is right for you is largely dependent on your age, sex and where you live. This is because some companies will only guarantee you the lowest quote provided you fit their exact criteria. For example, some companies specialise in insuring female drivers and other firms will only insure drivers who are aged over 35.

However, there are factors that go beyond those basic criteria, so if you want the best price you need to understand what these are and address those factors first.

What car you drive

The type of car you drive has the biggest impact on how much insurance you have to pay. The Association of British Insurers defines each insurance category for each kind of car. Cars with smaller engines have cheaper insurance options than those with larger engines.

Vehicle security features

avivacarinsuranceAdding security to your vehicle can bring down the cost of your insurance. Having an extra alarm or immobiliser fitted to your car should make your car insurance far cheaper. Ask each insurer what their policy is on extra security features.

The age of your car

Because second hand cars are cheaper, they are also usually cheaper to insure. However, it depends on the make and model of your car.

The size of your excess

Being prepared to pay a voluntary excess can also bring down the cost of your insurance. If you have an accident or need to claim insurance for some reason, being contracted to pay a higher excess can mean that your yearly or monthly insurance payments are lower.

Taking the advanced driving test

If you are a young driver, it can be costly to insure any vehicle. Taking the Pass Plus course or passing your Advanced Driving test means that some insurers offer a discount for even very young drivers.

How you pay for your insurance

If you can afford to, pay your insurance up front rather than using monthly payments, this takes a few pounds off the annual cost of car insurance.

Not using your car for business

Limit your vehicle’s use to domestic, social or pleasure and you keep your costs down. If you use your vehicle for business, you will end up paying a lot more for your car insurance. You can use your car to drive to and from work, but just cannot use it to carry out your business, for example, to make deliveries.

Pay for secure parking

If you live in a high crime area, consider parking your car in a secure car park. Not only will your premium be lower you know your car will be where you left it in the morning and the walk from the parking area to your home will be good for your health.

How Your Car Insurance Quote Is Calculated

Car Insurance

Every motorist knows that, the type of car you own, its engine size, your age, claims history and driving experience are all considered when a car insurance company gives you a quote.

However, insurance companies look at much more that that when working out how much your car insurance should cost. There is little you can do about most of those things, but it can help you to get a better quote if you are aware of the things companies take into consideration when giving you a quote.

Where you live

Your address has a big affect on how high your car insurance costs are. Insurance companies will charge a lot if you live in an area where car crime is an issue. You can negate this to some extent by taking the trouble to keep your car in the garage. However, be careful to always park it there, so that if it is stolen the insurance company cannot argue that you have broken one of the conditions of the policy.

If you are considering moving house and need a car to get to work, you should check out how much you will need to pay for car insurance. Your car insurance doubling is a significant additional expense, so you need to think about this particularly if you are moving to an inner city area.

The type of vehicle you drive

If money is an issue consider buying a smaller vehicle that is cheaper to insure. To work out if doing so is worth your while use trade magazines, car websites or insurance brokers to find out which cars are the cheapest to insure and how much you can save.

Your claims history and credit rating

Not only is your car insurance claims history important, but so is your credit history. People with a poor credit rating tend to make more insurance claims, so some companies charge that type of person more. It helps if you are prepared to pay for your insurance in advance rather than using monthly payments.

Security features that are fitted to your car

When you ask for a quote tell the insurance company about any additional security features you have had fitted to your car. Some offer a discount to owners with a tracker system fitted or extra alarm systems. If your annual mileage is lower than average check to see if a discount is offered for that too.

How to question a quote

Insurance companies have access to several databases from which they collect information about potential customers before giving a quote. Occasionally some of the data that is held on you can become corrupted or be just plain wrong.
If you suddenly start getting high quotes from insurance firms try to find out why the quote is so high. This will allow you to check the data they are using and get it corrected if necessary.